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This page is dedicated to quotes of inspiration that I have come across in my day to day living and find very applicable to life situations. I started to seek comfort in quotes during my time as an Apprentice Accountant. I started noting down quotes in a small black notebook. I am now transferring these quotes from the notebook to this page for both mine and your benefit. Since this notebook was originally made for my own personal use I did not note who said the quote, and I have also paraphrased some quotes to be more direct. If you ever have a cool quote that you would like to see on this page or you want to let me know who said one of the quotes already on the page then please let me know! I will always be adding quotes to this page over time.

"Alone the world changes you, together we change the world"
" You cannot talk butterfly language with caterpillar people"
"Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it kills your enemy"

The world is a big and complex place which very few individuals have been able to change and when you look behind these world-changing individuals they have always been supported by a group of people. 

If you feel like no one is understanding you or that you don't fit in well that's because you are someone special and unique. Find your crowd and belong there. 

Some feelings and thoughts will only do damage to you and are therefore not worth your time. With time and practice, the mind can control these negative feelings and diminish their effects on what you do and how you feel. 

"When the world is against you, don't make it one more by going against yourself"
"Set up your environment to win"
"You will suffer pain. Either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret"

There are many many things in nearly every situation in life that is either something in your way or something that is against you. Don't make your situation harder to overcome by thinking negatively and going against yourself because this will lead to a bad state of wellbeing. 

Certain types of people are products of their environment, meaning that they are easily affected by the things around them be it people or the surrounding conditions. Evaluate yourself, if this is you then change your environment to only have things that support you. It can be as little as having the right temperature room to work in, or reading in a coffee shop because you like the background noise and smells. 

Emotion and physical pain is an unavoidable acertainty of life. Pain is just one of the many emotions we feel and can affect you in many ways. You have a choice over how you feel so take that control over the feeling of pain. The pain of discipline can be shown in a diet. You will have the pain of holding back the urge to eat what gives you comfort, or the pain of regret of eating the cake and not sticking to what you want to become. 

"Exchange short term pleasure for long term self respect"

this quote has a similar meaning to the previous one. Short term pleasure may be relaxing in front of the TV instead of learning that new module in your qualification or searching for that new job, but self-respect will come in the long term if you powered through and did what was better for you. Self respect comes when you have done something to feel proud of. 

"Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die"

Everybody is searching for happiness and comfort. We all want that happy natural. Not too hot, not too cold. But not everyone is willing to pay the price of hard work to get to the point beyond the quitting line and reap the benefits of their merit. In this world merit of your actions will carry you far so stop sitting around and get active whether that means making that phone call or doing some volunteering. 

"Nourish yourself in the direction you want to grow"

Throughout our life experiences, personal development is constant in our conscious and subconscious mind. Personal development is a form of growth. Good growth needs nourishing. If you have an area you want to grow in or a place you want to end up reaching, then place your efforts in the right areas and your nourishment will see your growth reach the desired direction.

"Words can hurt or heal"
"The fastest way to stop the flow is to put your hand on the tap"
"Make it happen before it scares you"

Words are the most common form of communication. With communication comes meaning. In an argument, we lose control of our words to our feelings. Even in everyday situations, you may not know it until it is too late and you have spoken wrongly to someone you didnt mean to offend. Words can be used to damage or mend a situation. 

If you have a flow of negativity in your life then locate the source of it and cut it off from here. If it is your job then change it! If it is a person in your life then try to address it with them and if this doesn't work it may be that you two are no longer compatible. 

Things that we aspire to quickly become dreams which we guard and hold close, but if you do not act quickly self-doubt and over thinking will creep in and hold you back. If you know it is what is good for you and you want to do it then do it quickly before you over think it and doing it becomes scary.

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