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I currently only post on my blog and Instagram as I do not wish to be obsessed social media. Hopefully I will see you on there.

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I go to plenty of places when trying to experience everything life has to offer, below you will find the best pictures I have to offer from my adventures. I class myself as an amateur photographer but I sometimes come up with some amazing shots. I am rarely on the lookout for photos but I always ready to take one. I love taking photos as they help solidify memories making it easier to hold onto them as the fast pace ever-changing world in which we live in will trys to make us forget them. I prefer natural photos capturing what is for what it is so I do little or no editing and use few filters. The order of photos come in no particular theme order. These photos may also be seen in my blog posts and on my Instagram account. 

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Hidden Beauty

Nepal International Citizenship Service Volunteer 2018.